Synergy utilizes a variety of treatments to provide the best healing solution for your pain. Our team of doctors and specialists work together to develop a specific plan for patients’ conditions using the most effective treatment combinations possible. This means we will develop a comprehensive plan that moves you from pain management into full healing.

Interventional Pain Management

Techniques designed to stop pain at its source for long, lasting relief. Our interventional pain management plans are constructed to give you a stronger, healthier body that is more resilient to injury and wear. Learn more.

Regenerative Cellular Medicine

Using your body’s own healthy cells or platelets, we’re able to stimulate natural regeneration of soft tissue or cartilage. Regenerative Cellular Medicine is an alternative to invasive surgery that leads to healing and pain relief that other treatments cannot provide. Learn more.

Minimally Invasive Procedures

Solutions to chronic pain that bring immediate, permanent relief. Our minimally invasive procedures are used to fully restore and re-stabilize patients’ strength and movement. Learn more.

Physical Therapy

Strengthening and stretching muscle groups helps restore normal function to injured or weakened areas and provides healthy relief. Synergy integrates physical therapy into most treatment plans to end patients’ pain and help them restore their full range of motion. Learn more.

Chiropractic Care

Because all nerves run through the spinal cord, specific adjustments can address the root source of pain in the neck, back, limbs, and other areas. Learn more.

Narcotic Detox

Chronic pain can create a dependence on opioids, which can become a serious addiction. We help you safely detox from your painkillers as your body heals with more permanent pain management solutions.