Regenerative Cellular Medicine

Some of the most powerful tools we have for healing pain exist within our own bodies. Pain that comes from damaged tissue or bone can never be fully relieved unless the damage can be healed. Regenerative Cellular Medicine is a highly advanced process of tapping into and stimulating your body’s own natural healing abilities, and even re-growing muscle, tissue or bone that was lost.

Regenerative Cellular Therapy

When your pain is caused by worn-away tissue, regenerative cellular therapy will stimulate your body to grow that tissue back. There are numerous ways to utilize the body’s own cells to help repair and regrow tissue, as well as reduce inflammation. Your body responds to this therapy by healing and growing new tissue.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

The platelets in your blood promote healing. We’re able to take some of your own blood, and put it in a centrifuge to extract and activate the platelets. Then we inject this high concentration of platelets into your injured tendon, ligament, muscle, or joint. Your body then naturally responds to facilitate healing.

Synergistic Healing

Regenerative Cellular Medicine is most effective when combined with other therapies. We provide a complete, custom treatment plan based on your condition, level of pain, activity, lifestyle, occupation, etc. We will first provide immediate pain relief, while Regenerative Cellular Medicine therapies get to work on healing. As you heal, we may use chiropractic or physical therapy to further reduce pain, increase strength, and restore your range of motion. Our goal is always for complete, long-term healing.

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