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If you want to get well, Synergy Healthcare Solutions is the right place. We are located conveniently near interstate 55 and interstate 270 in Maryville, Illinois. Through our chiropractic care, physical therapy, pain management, and regenerative medicine; Synergy will give you the exact treatment you deserve.

Our Philosophy:

  • Treat you like family
  • Be 100% straight with you about the care required
  • Always be transparent and discuss finances up front
  • Use the most recent research in our care
  • Do whatever we can to provide top-notch care

Fully Coordinated Care

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At Synergy, you receive your physical therapy care on-site, rather than be referred to an outside provider. The same team that develops your treatment plan, oversees your physical therapy care. We can observe, in real time, how you’re progressing, and adjust accordingly.

Because all of our treatment modalities are in one place, you may receive a pain-relieving injection, then immediately follow with physical therapy or chiropractic, on the same visit. With the pain alleviated, you’re able to work toward rehabilitating. Often putting these two treatments together results in a more effective outcome.

Physical Therapy

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We use physical therapy as part of most treatment plans for back, neck, shoulder, knees, or any area involving muscles or joints. Physical therapy works to strengthen and stretch specific muscle groups to restore normal function to injured or weakened areas. It provides long lasting pain relief and restores your ability to walk or move more easily, or restore range of motion.

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