The United States is undergoing the deadliest drug overdose epidemic in its history. The opioid crisis has affected millions of people nationwide, and healthcare providers have a crucial responsibility in ending the epidemic. The opioid crisis encompasses the misuse of prescription pills, heroin, and other drugs, and research and evidence have shown that prescription opioid medications hold a large portion of the blame. The opioid crisis is affecting our local community especially hard; in 2018, 92 people in Madison County died from opioid overdoses. At Synergy, we are committed to providing opioid-free pain management solutions for our clients while moving them to a productive healing path.

Addiction by Prescription

Unfortunately, many people believe that opioid medications are the only solution for chronic pain, and pharmaceutical companies and healthcare practitioners have fed this myth to their clients. Opioid medications have been shown to not be exceptionally effective in long-term pain management. Rather than acting as a chronic pain solution, they often mask patients’ symptoms and create dependencies that hinder their healing.

Doctors overprescribing these painkillers has led to an excess in circulation. In Madison County, we have the second-highest number of prescription painkillers in the country. There are enough pills in the county for every person, children included, to each have 126 pills. This is simply unsustainable and irresponsible. It is vital that local healthcare practitioners provide better alternatives. Luckily, smarter solutions exist.

Smarter Solutions

At Synergy, when we say we always seek the permanent solution, we mean it. We work to move our clients beyond traditional pain management into true healing. This means that instead of relying on opioid medications as a Band-Aid, we provide synergistic solutions to help our clients end their pain for good. We also believe that healthcare providers can curb the Madison County opioid crisis by reducing the number of people dependent on these medications.

Pain Management and Healing

Rather than just masking pain, Synergy utilizes interventional pain management, regenerative medicine, and minimally invasive procedures to provide efficient, opioid-free pain relief for our patients. IPM encompasses injections, stimulation, regenerative medicine, ablation, chiropractic care, and other methods that provide an opportunity to heal patients’ underlying conditions while preventing future pain and disability. Regenerative medicine catalyzes the body’s natural healing processes and can even help the body regrow damaged tissues and cells. Our minimally invasive procedures have been proven to reduce chronic pain without long recovery times or medication dependence.

Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Care

Proper physical therapy and chiropractic care can provide proper pain relief while helping patients restore proper functioning of their bodies. Our physical therapists work with patients to improve their overall mobility and strengthen their bodies. Through processes such as spinal decompression, zero gravity ambulation, mobilization, and more, Synergy physical therapists have helped our clients resolve their chronic pain issues for good. Our chiropractors utilize progressive approaches to alleviating pain that don’t require the use of medications or invasive surgeries. By combining more traditional chiropractic practices such as intersegmental traction and active release techniques with dry needling, acupuncture, and laser therapy, our practitioners have facilitated substantial healing all while improving patients posture and mobility.

Additional Resources

As healthcare providers hold crucial responsibility in helping to stop the opioid crisis, it’s equally important that people are aware that there are better pain-management alternatives. The inherent risks of opioids in many ways override their pain-relieving properties, especially given that better solutions exist. Better methods can relieve pain while providing healing. This comes with reduced risk, improved outcomes, greater opportunities to heal, and the prevention of future pain and disability. If you’re looking for opioid-free pain relief and true healing in Madison County, Synergy Healthcare Solutions will develop a specific treatment plan for your needs.