IV Infusion Therapy

Are you working out and eating right, but still feeling sluggish or stressed? Do you have a cold you can’t kick or feelings of sadness you just can’t shake? Many of us do everything we can to live our healthiest life, but still need that extra boost to get us where we want to be physically and mentally.

Synergy Healthcare Solutions now offers two types of infusion therapy to help our patients address the biggest barriers to better health – Ketamine IV Infusion Therapy, which delivers immediate relief from depression and chronic pain, and Wellness IV Infusion Therapy that rehydrates, detoxifies and revitalizes the body in minutes.

Ketamine IV Infusion Therapy for Depression, Anxiety and Chronic Pain

Determining the right medication—and the right dosage—to treat your depression requires a “trial and error” approach. It can take weeks, if not months, to get relief from the paralyzing feelings of sadness and hopelessness that consume your life.

With Ketamine IV Infusion Therapy from Synergy, your happiness doesn’t have to wait! When administered in low doses by a healthcare provider in a controlled environment, ketamine safely eases the symptoms of depression, is non-addictive and has no long-term side effects. Most patients experience results within hours of treatment, and the positive effects can last for months.

Ketamine IV Infusion Therapy shouldn’t be your first line of defense against depression, and it isn’t a quick cure. However, when part of a comprehensive care plan that includes talk therapy, and in some instances, traditional antidepressants, it’s ideal for patients struggling with treatment-resistant depression.

How Ketamine IV Infusion Therapy Works

Depression medications work by balancing the brain chemicals which control mood and emotions. In contrast, ketamine actually rewires the mind by stimulating the growth of connectors between neurotransmitters. These new pathways may even prevent your depression symptoms from returning.

The frequency of treatments varies by a patient’s needs. You may only need one treatment, or you may require repeated treatments every few months if your depression is severe. In most cases, 70% of patients report a reduction in depression symptoms after their first infusion.

Wellness IV Infusion Therapy to Boost your Energy, Immunity and Health

Two of the biggest threats to our energy level, appearance and overall wellbeing are dehydration and a poor diet. But in our fast-paced, coffee-powered lives, getting the vital nutrients we need to fuel our bodies can be impossible, no matter if we pop a multivitamin every morning or chug water all day.

Wellness IV Infusion Therapy is a quick, effective way to combat the damage aging, stress and illness inflict on our bodies. Each one-hour treatment instantly detoxifies and rehydrates while an infusion of multivitamins formulated specifically for your needs increases your energy, enhances your immunity and even slows the aging process!

Why Wellness IV Infusion Therapy Works

If you take a multivitamin, only 50 percent of the vitamins and nutrients are absorbed by your tissues and organs—the other 50 percent is flushed out by the body. Even if the bottle says it meets the recommended daily allowance, you’re only getting half the benefits!

Wellness IV Infusion Therapy blends a “cocktail” of highly concentrated vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which is then injected straight into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system. These nutrients go right to work, helping you feel stronger and less stressed within minutes of your injection.

Wellness IV Infusion Therapy is ideal for a number of conditions, from chronic fatigue syndrome and migraines to hangovers and low energy. Our current menu of cocktails includes:

  • Quench – Fight off the fatigue that comes from dehydration—or even a hard night of drinking. $129
  • Get Up and Go! – Get the energy boost you need for the gym or just to power through your day. $119
  • Immunity – Strengthen your immune system and recover from minor illnesses sooner. $139
  • Weight Management – Rev up your metabolism to burn more calories with every workout. $139
  • Inner Beauty – Improve the appearance of your hair, skin and nails with a vitamin-rich regimen. $149

Find out if Infusion Therapy is Right for You

Both treatments are administered by a medical professional in the comfort of our office, and during your procedure, you’re able to relax or watch TV. Because infusions are carefully controlled, most patients experience few side effects during or after treatment.

Don’t wait to feel better! To learn if Ketamine IV Infusion Therapy or Wellness IV Infusion Therapy is right for you, contact Synergy Healthcare Solutions today for a consultation and medical review with our infusion team.

    Ketamine IV Infusion Therapy Relieves the Symptoms of:

    • Severe Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Bi-Polar Disorder
    • Chronic Pain
    • Migraines
    • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

    Wellness IV Infusion Therapy Targets:

    • Low energy
    • Weight gain
    • Dehydration
    • Poor immune system
    • Minor illnesses
    • Chronic fatigue syndrome
    • Migraines
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Hangovers
    • Minor sports injuries
    • Pain management
    • Skin conditions

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